Summary of new TWO features (0.9.18)

Several incremental releases have been made since the last post, and an update post summarizing what is new is long overdue!

Many of the improvements are about performance: TWO is now optimized to better handle very large streams of messages.

Besides many more small additions and bug-fixes which I will not list here, the main improvements are these:

Switching between Mouse or Multi-Touch control

TWO’s GUI can now be switched to “Mouse” mode, where buttons and sliders and smaller than they are in the previously default (Multi-Touch) mode.

When I started creating TWO, multi-touch screens were all the rage, and I made the design decision to make multi-touch a first class citizen. In multi-touch mode, TWO is designed with two simultaneous resolutions in mind, one for the eyes and one for touch. So in TWO’s touch mode all interactive controls are sized to match the size of fingertips, while the visual information is still sized for the eyes.

In hindsight, multi-touch is still far from established, because ergonomically, the mouse and keyboards really are far more comfortable when working at a desk. But, multi-touch is still awesome when using software standing up, or live.

To sum up, with the new Mouse mode, all interactive controls are sized to be as small as makes sense for them to be interacted with using a mouse pointer, thus saving a lot of screen space.

Keyboard Navigation is improved

I now improved the ease with which you can navigate TWO using the keyboard. Arrow keys are now mapped in more views, and I’ve expanded the mapping of keyboard shortcuts.

It’s now just called TWO

While the name started off as an acronym, I now prefer to just use the name TWO directly, no more acronym 🙂 I am working on adding more media control protocols, besides OSC and MIDI, so having one of the protocols used in the name makes less sense.

I hope you find these new improvements useful, and as always, I’m keen to hear what else would be useful for you, and to see what use you make of TWO – stay in touch on the forum:

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