TWO 0.9.10 Released!

This release contains an important, major set of changes which together makes the use of TWO with other OSC-enabled applications much smoother.

The features come out of extensive testing with many other applications, such as MadMapper, OSC/Pilot, Resolume, VDMX, among others.

Currently it is released for Windows, with OS X coming up.

Messaging logic overhaul throughout

Current / Offset distinction

Current / Offset distinction is introduced for all Addresses more explicitly. The previous, more imprecise “In/Out” naming is removed.

Direct Mode

Introduced “Direct Mode”, which when enabled, uses only “Current” value, without offset, and which echoes the values back to destination, resembling how most other OSC applications work. When Direct is on, Offset is not used.

Direct mode is similar to all other OSC controller/timelines software, e.g. TouchOSC, Lemur, OSC/Pilot, Vezer, etc, and makes for straightforward use, but precludes from setting up the complex OSC mappings that TWO makes possible. But now in TWO you have a choice of both immediacy and rich mappings, selectively using Direct mode for those devices that warrant it.

“Echo Default” feature

Introduced option for distinguishing if values are defaults or not, and choosing whether those are echoed or muted, when an echo operation is triggered.

By default it is on.

OSQ Query

  • Support fuller set of OSQ Query specification, tested with MadMapper
  • Better OSC Query integration with TWO
  • Also listening for changes from the OSC Query servers that support this.
  • Explicit connection / disconnection

Feedback detection

Added Feedback Detection for OSC messages throughout. When feedback is detected, the message in question is muted. If you want you can turn this off – by default it is on.

Finally, in this release I’ve fixed several smaller bugs and crashes.

2 thoughts on “TWO 0.9.10 Released!

    1. Hi, thanks for notifying! It as just a typo in the download link, it should be fine now.

      I hope you find TWO interesting, and am curious to see what you make with it!

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