Deadmau5 asks for OSC-native DAW – Say no more!

“Ableton’s been cool, just because it’s 18 years in development, it’s nice and stable and all that stuff. And it’s shell-ready. But it really lacks in protocol modularity. It’s just like, oh, here’s MIDI. Here’s an antiquated 60-year-old protocol you guys can still use… like what? Just have OSC! And they do, but you have to do it in Python or use Max for Live, and there’s no native OSC stuff. So actually, a lot of the time I’ve spent during the pandemic was developing a VST that will allow for the interchange of different protocols in and out of any DAW.”

Source: His recent interview posted on Musicradar.

I think it’s time I add Ableton Link support to TWO.

And time to get in touch with Deadmau5!

If you know him do tell him about TWO 🙂

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