TWO has been developed by Ilias Bergström, and is the culmination of an effort that started with academic research – a PhD on software for live audiovisual performance, followed by 3 Post-Docs on relevant topics.

TWO builds on several published and forthcoming research articles, including the following:

The Practices of Programming

Sarka: Sonification and Somaesthetic Appreciation Design

Code Bending: A new creative coding practice

Soma: Live musical performance where congruent visual, auditory, and proprioceptive stimuli fuse to form a combined aesthetic narrative

OSC-Namespace and OSC-State: Schemata for Describing the Namespace and State of OSC-Enabled Systems

Mutable Mapping: gradual re-routing of OSC control data as a form of artistic performance

TWO, and this website © Ilias Bergström, 2021