The Wizard of OSC Second Alpha Release – 0.9.3

Model Definition and Editing View

Since the first Alpha release, I have been very busy adding features and fixing bugs, making this version 0.9.3 a much more mature build!

The changes are very extensive, but here’s a summary of the most important improvements made:

•    An entirely new Timeline Sequencer, for arranging saved states over time, and sequencing the gradual interpolation between them.

For now this sequencer has a single lane for states. In upcoming releases, Record, Playback and Re-Arranging functionality will be integrated into additional sequencer lanes (these are the lanes seen at the bottom of the image below).

Timeline view Zoom In
Cut/Copy/Paste/Duplicate implemented for all elements where this makes sense.

•    Many improvements to the GUI. New Icons, and several usability improvements.

•    Extensive bug-fixes throughout. Most importantly:
–    Global settings are now correctly stored and recalled on Windows 8 & 10.
–    Several bug-fixes and improvements were made to Recorder.
–    The rare occasional crashing should now have been fully fixed.
–    The Envelope controller now works correctly across operating systems.

Existing installs can be updated using the “File->Check for Updates…” menu item.

Please keep the bug-reports and feature requests coming, and in the meanwhile I will concentrate efforts to finish the development of the timeline sequencer features, which upon completion will mark the 1.0 version of TWO.

For as long as it is in Alpha, TWO will be free to use. I hope that you find it to be a compelling tool!

In return, please share your bug reports, feedback and suggestions, on the TWO forum:

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