A performance which uses The Wizard of OSC is featured on Euronews in a Musica programme reportage

I was recently involved in a project with the Agalma Foundation, in which two pianists improvise live, and data from their playing and electrophysiology, is used to control live visual music projections.

I was tasked with all software development for the live visuals, and The Wizard of OSC has played an indispensable part in connecting the vast data streams stemming from the performance to the live visuals projections. For the visuals, I used my open-source software Mother.

You will see me behind the desk full of electronics, and can also catch a glimpse of a prototype version of The Wizard of OSC running on a touch-screen laptop.

If you want to read more about the project with the Agalma Foundation, the Musica reportage goes into a bit more detail than this post.


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